Embalsegur has as objective always offer to clients the possibility to improve its response capacity in the market by:

– EQUIPMENT MANAGEMENT AND ANALYSES of diverse materials including inspection and control (picking, labelling among others)

– CONCEPTION AND PRODUCTION OF CERTIFIED WOODEN PACKAGES for all type of materials, machines, production lines betwixt others, suitable to weight, shape and special needs. Depending always on clients’ products and expedition type, is created the most suitable package according to international standards (SEI, BSI, HPE, UNI)

– PACKAGE SERVICES which may be completed at clients’ facilities or at Embalsegur ones, guaranteeing the preservation of products integrity by:

o Physical protection

o Protection against corrosive atmospheres (VCI, Alu-foil…)

– STORING AND DOCUMENTATION planning related with transported cargoes

– FASTENING AND LASHING of loads in containers and flatracks at final stages