About us


Embalsegur has been dedicated to the study, development and production of Industrial Packaging Solutions for exportation of all kind of machinery, equipment and spare parts by see or river, road or air, aiming to provide solutions to all companies that have the intent to export its products.
We also provide transport services of different kinds of materials and components up to clients’ installations, stock management, preparation and handling of industrial package.

All wood used in our products and services is duly certified by phytosanitary treatment under the International Standards ISPM15.


Embalsegur has initiated its activity relying on the knowledge and experience obtained along the years with the intention of presenting solutions for products exportation to the most diverse destinies cheap replica watches and means of transport, always preserving clients’ products integrity.

Quality has always been a priority, in this sense Embalsegur has started its certification under ISO standards.

With a steadily increasing of clients’ exportations, Embalsegur has positioned in the market helping clients to value its products.

Quality Policy

Embalsegur is dedicated to the development, manufacturing, and assembly of industrial packaging solutions. Our mission is to enhance the export of all types of machinery, equipment, and accessories by sea, land, and air, aiming to provide solutions to companies exporting to various destinations and through different modes of transport, always safeguarding the integrity of the goods.

Our company operates based on a quality management tool – NP EN ISO 9001 – seeking to systematize work processes and improve the quality of products and services, ensuring the satisfaction of our employees and thus providing increasingly better service to our clients.

The objectives of the Quality Management System implemented in our company are:

  • To satisfy customer needs and, whenever possible, exceed their expectations, in compliance with applicable requirements
  • To promote the quality of work methods
  • To raise awareness among our employees about the importance of this policy and its realization
  • To progressively reduce the costs related to non-quality
  • To reduce manufacturing times and delivery deadlines

The Management of EMBALSEGUR commits to promoting the implementation and improvement of the Quality Management System based on training, accountability, and commitment of its employees, ensuring all the necessary resources for its operation and updating.

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